In the long run, we're all dead

I'm Laurie, a second year BEconSc student from The University of Manchester

It appears to be a financial axiom that whenever there is money to invest, it is invested; and if the owner cannot find a good security yielding a fair return, he will invariably buy a poor one. But a prudent and intelligent investor should be able to avoid this temptation, and reconcile himself to accepting an unattractive yield from the best bonds, in preference to risking his principle in second-grade issues for the sake of a larger coupon return.

—Security Analysis - Graham & Dodd

Well, I don’t have much else to do this summer

Well, I don’t have much else to do this summer

Revision begins today

I have six exams, starting in about 2 and a half weeks. I have a loose revision strategy sorted, almost definitely not going to stick to it. Wish me luck!

scribbled econometrics notes, test at 9AM tomorrow.

scribbled econometrics notes, test at 9AM tomorrow.

Really not kept up with this -

but an update: January exams weren’t too bad, could have been a hell of a lot better though. Thoughts were that my revision would have been many times easier if I had worked properly throughout the semester, which is what I intend to do this time round, hopefully with much better results for my second year over all.

Only one “new” module for this semester, Investment Analysis, while Business Economics A finished after the January exam, all my other modules continue for the rest of the year.

Will try to actually post on here more regularly when I’m actually doing work!

Heaven is a place where:

The lovers are Italian, The cooks are French, The engineers are German, The police are English, Everything is run by the Swiss.

Hell is a place where:  The lovers are Swiss, The cooks are English, The engineers are French, The police are German and Everything is run by the Italians.


530 minutes

is how long I spent revising Mathematical Economics today. Didn’t even cover the whole course, only one small section left though. I’m very proud of that effort.

Tomorrow hopefully I’ll manage similar with Econometrics and send of my application for an internship at HSBC.

revision material for over xmas

revision material for over xmas